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It's all about the Testimonials

'Lita is a highly driven business woman. She has great risk management experience, which can be applied to many businesses in different sectors. I met Lita at British Wind Energy Association (now called UK Renewable)Conference on 21st October 2009 in London. Within couple of months she executed her first risk management consultancy for SGS involving a renewable energy project in the UK. Although this was her first renewable energy project, that was hardly noticeable as she was very well prepared. She applied her many years of risk management experience to our project so effectively. As a result, the risk workshop she run became a true success. I recommend her to companies that are interested in engaging a professional, experienced, and dedicated risk management consultant.' 
Jale Cairney, MBA, M.Sc. Financial Management, M.Sc. & B.Sc. Economics, BDM SGS United Kingdom Ltd.

'Lita Cuen held Risk workshops for members of our Renewables development team in January and she exhibits many qualities essential to an excellent risk consultant. Her knowledge of the subject, her enthusiasm and dedication is both inspirational and motivating. Her approach to developing and tailoring a workshop to suit our needs was much appreciated and the workshops were well executed.' 
Maria Scarlet, Development Manager, Centrica Renewable Energy

'Results That Exceed Customer Expectations ... It's Our Principle Ingredient.' 
Lita Cuen, CEO, LC RISQ

'Ms. Cuen delivers exactly what she promises and more. Her strengths are her team approach to projects and stakeholder management.'
Carole Gates, J.D. Director, Risk Management & Insurance International Air Transport Association (IATA)

'Lita Cuen thinks and dreams in Enterprise Risk Management terms. As a professional with 20 years of experience in this industry she singularly embodies the Best Practices in this professional arena.' 
Dr. Martin Smith, Ph.D. President, The Presage Group

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