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Who? It's all about the Government client

As demands increase in the face of tightening budgets, consideration of risk becomes ever increasingly important. We recognize that every federal agency is different in how each deals with risk. Yet the federal government must continue its focus on risk management and streamline its methodologies to identify, assess and balance risk in order to best achieve agency objectives.

Let us help you understand and balance risks across your entire agency and mission portfolio so that you can:
  • Be prepared for the future of risk management as it becomes more integrated within departmental, agency and program level responsibilities.
  • Improve your ability to identify, assess and manage strategic risks and achieve improvements.
  • Integrate risk management into your current responsibilities by utilizing the best practices taught by our subject matter experts.
  • Manage risks that have 'cross-interdependancies' with other functional departments.
  • Meet government standards with a risk-based approach to handle the mishaps associated with agency operations.
  • Establish risk-based performance contracting methodologies where acquisition and contract administration strategies, methods, and techniques best support the agencies requirements.

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